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Foto Bugil Chyntiara Alona

Model which is also the sinetron Chyntiara Alona confess angry and outcast by their families because of the photographs circulating on the internet foto bugil don't you looking for foto bugil.Just Stop Dreaming Start action for download it!!

Therefore the recognition sinetron Secret of God and divine Ngelaba door to find the Alona time to celebrate the ultahnya-23 on Thursday evening 10 July 2008 in the Glass House Taman Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Chyntiara Alona is with the theme birthday  Eden White Party was sad not confess himself remarkably beam with a lot of people who call this a sex-bomb. "I am sad and not proud of the nickname is. I do not like this is that many people," said the virgin birth of Jakarta this June 8 1985.

Honestly, Elena acknowledge unreservedly,  photos  bugil circulating on the internet that it is true photos of himself taken from Play Boy Magazine Singapore and the Japanese edition of 2005 and 2006. However, if he disputed the him  intentionally circulate the photo-image.Elena just for support Stop Dreaming Start Action seo contest!

He suspected, images are distributed by the former manager been hostile to him. Alona also confess very hit and he said, "I am very sad, the sad, to know all my family, I'm so sad and embarrassed, I get expelled by the family."